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The amusement parks

Do you like the thrills of the great huit ? Do you prefer the joys of aquatiques ? Or are you more of the type to marvel or relax in front of nature and animals exotiques ?

Amusement parks know how to delight young and old. With family, friends or even in a group. For loads of laughs and memories, go to tête !

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What's new in amusement parks ?

Are you a real fan of amusement parks and would you like to find out about the latest attractions, discover parks or stay informed about all the events and nouveautés ?

Find quickly all our articles on the parks of attractions !
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Amusement parks : buy and reserve tickets and subscriptions

Subscription or single ticket. Alone, with family, friends or in a large group. Promotions or exclusive events... Difficult to find your way through the maze of possibilities. Discover all the offers available for your amusement parks at a glance préférés !

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Elected four years in a row " meilleur amusement park of Belgique ", Walibi delights young and old, from the wisest to the most daring, with its 42 attractions to cut the souffle !

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Incredible rides and attractions. Exotic animals. Green nature. Find all these activities in one and the same amusement park: Bellewaerde ! An excursion that will delight everyone.

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Pairi Daiza

You dépayser ? Nothing like a passage to Pairi Daiza, elected " meilleur zoo of Europe ". Travel to the four corners of the world and immerse yourself in an incredible fauna, flora and surroundings.

Intéressé ? Find all the information in our Business Box on Pairi Daiza !

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